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Is by the Shanghai Sidangte Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Sidangte animation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Li return Digital Technology Co., Ltd., to form a group of companies.

Headquarters is located in the beautiful Shanghai Songjiang is the Asia Pacific region's largest park planning and equipment suppliers, partners, Disney (DIS), paradise of Andersen's fairy tales, Hello  Kitty and other domestic and foreign well-known cartoon characters in the park.

Children's Park authorized to join

Wan Chai bus park for children including bubble Museum, children's dodgem car, remote control tank, Carrera track racing, automobile experience of battle platform, naughty Fort plate.

In the bubble Experience Hall, children can walked on stage, interact with the Korean bubble show master on the same stage, can also enjoy Korean bubble master for children produced bubble jewelry, dress up in bubble headdress, neck hung bubbles do necklace, and parents together through the bubble to build a tunnel into the new world of bubbles flying. At the same time, to watch the show at the same time, kids can personally experience the fun bubble! The "Korean bubble magic science museum experience" the fusion of Science Museum, creative hall, imagine Museum, the body shop, graphics library, entertainment experience Museum, photo gallery and so on make kids participate in bubble experience facilities, will definitely make your children linger, enjoy it!

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